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Go ahead — steal these ideas!

In my previous blog post, I shared some reasons why blogging is an effective, low-cost marketing tool for physicians.

Since blogging isn’t exactly top of mind for most doctors, some might be searching for topics before they dip their toes into the blogosphere. That’s where this “Blog Topic Swipe File” comes in handy.

Below, I’ve listed a number of topics divided into three categories. Of course, not all of these ideas will apply to every medical practice, which is okay. Some of these topics may generate other ideas that relate directly to your physicians and their patients.

Some of the best ideas for topics come when you’re working on another project (I know this happens a lot for me). You might want to keep a stack of blank sticky notes handy for jotting down ideas – just make sure those notes go in a designated place (like a file folder) so they aren’t accidentally discarded. Or you might keep a Word document where you can store blog ideas electronically.

Feel free to use any of the ideas below for your blog. If you publish one post per month (which is what I recommend for new bloggers), then you’ve got enough topics to cover a year and a half!

If your physicians aren’t comfortable writing their own blog entries, no worries. An experienced health care copywriter can help generate ideas and draft/edit content, without substantially compromising the doctor’s time.

Blog Topic Swipe File

Medical facts, myths and patient misconceptions

  • Home remedies that work … and some that don’t
  • Mistakes patients make when they begin feeling sick
  • Don’t ignore these symptoms
  • When to make an appointment and when to wait
  • 10 facts patients should know about [condition]
  • OTC medications that can help relieve [condition]

News and information about your practice

  • New treatments or services offered
  • Your current medical research and what it means for patients
  • Treatment options for [condition]
  • Seasonal symptoms report
  • When it makes sense to see a specialist
  • New medications to treat [condition]

Lifestyle advice

  • What to order when dining out
  • Ways to stay active with [condition]
  • Easy steps to reduce your risk of [condition]
  • Foods to avoid when you have [condition]
  • These activities can increase your risk of [condition]
  • Here are the top foods for fighting [condition]

Are the doctors at your practice currently blogging? If so, how do you help them generate topics for their posts? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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