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Writing is in my blood. It’s been part of my daily life for about as long as I can remember — or at least since age 7, when I “borrowed” my parents’ typewriter to write a science-fiction story (complete with crayon illustrations).

By high school, I knew my career would center on writing.  A prestigious academic award for a research paper I wrote as a college freshman reinforced that notion.

After earning a B.A. and M.A. in English, I taught analytic and persuasive writing to college undergraduates. Seeking a creative outlet, I joined the sports department at The Detroit News. Besides honing my writing skills, I interviewed dozens of sports stars and learned a lot about meeting tight deadlines.

I turned to marketing afterwards, writing copy for a university website and alumni magazine — then writing, editing and managing the production of fundraising materials for a local non-profit agency.

Over time, I learned that I like being my own boss. I launched my business in 2006 and haven’t looked back. I enjoy leveraging my writing talent and experience by helping clients meet their marketing goals. My biggest kick? When readers say they really enjoy my writing.

Why should you hire me? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Exceeds expectations. I deliver excellent copy that makes clients (and their bosses) very happy.
2. Experienced. Over the years, I’ve completed hundreds of writing projects for a broad spectrum of clients.
3. Trusted. Once I commit to a project, I honor that commitment. I also complete projects on time and on budget.
4. Budget friendly. Unlike large marketing firms, I don’t have a high overhead. My pricing is within industry standards for experienced writing professionals.
5. Honest. The price quoted is the price you’ll pay — no surprise charges.
6. Attentive. I understand your business needs and challenges. I also accommodate busy client schedules.
7. Client friendly. I’m comfortable working with clients at all levels, from presidents and CEOs to the newest members of your team.
8. Meticulous. You won’t have to spend time “fixing” sloppy copy filled with grammatical mistakes.
9. Creative. Not sure how to proceed with a project? I can offer ideas, concepts, strategies and suggestions as a consultant.
10. No nonsense. I don’t disappear on my clients. I’ll keep you in the loop and reply to your emails and voicemails promptly.


11. Connected. If you’re seeking a photographer, graphic designer, printer or mail house for your project, I can make a referral from my network of professional vendors.