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For most projects, I quote a fixed, all-inclusive fee. Most clients prefer this method, since they know up front how much they’re paying for services. Clients can then focus on the results they’ll achieve rather than worry about running over budget.

For some jobs, quoting a fixed rate is difficult or just about impossible. This usually happens when the project is very large in scope without defined limits. In these instances, I will likely provide an estimated fee range based on an hourly rate.

Some factors that affect the project fee are the type of project (for example, a four-panel brochure versus a 15-page website), availability of background materials, the number and frequency of project meetings, the technical complexity of the project, and project timelines and deadlines.

Services typically included in an all-inclusive fee are:

  • Reviewing all background materials
  • Reviewing any available competitor materials
  • Project consulting (offering suggestions, ideas, concepts, strategies)
  • Any research, meetings and interviews required
  • All copywriting and/or editing work
  • Up to two rounds of revisions, if necessary — if the revisions are requested within 14 days of receipt of the initial draft copy
  • Coordinating activities with the client and the client’s staff

Please note: Projects that change significantly in scope or direction are subject to additional charges.